About DMVDaily Media Group

DMVDaily Media Group, LLC. is a multi-faceted media and communications company that specializes in online live-streamed media productions and delivers prolific podcast programming on multiple platforms – including television, radio, print and digital; as well as providing dynamic content, innovative branding strategies and masterful media productions.

By utilizing the most innovative, up-to-date and cutting edge technology, combined with decades of combined technical experience and industry know-how, DMVDaily has built an impressive portfolio of innovative media products, which has been recognized by industry leaders as some of the most progressive and recognizable productions in the region. From the creation of the nation’s first social media based news outlets, www.dmvdaily.news, to the creation of one of the most prolific dedicated podcast networks in the DMV region – DMVDaily Radio and Podcast Network; the company has continued to lead the pack as it relates to providing quality content on innovative broadcasting platforms.

The DMVDaily news station offers 24-hours of innovative live-streamed and podcasted programming that speak to the interests and desires of a wide-range of everyday cultures. From local and state politics to grassroots advocacy, technology, business, high-school sports coverage to community-driven news and information; DMVDaily has been called, the “C-Span of the Hood”. Our ability to aggregate an audience across a larger geographical region improves the ability for any our online station to serve its intended demographic. DMVDaily Radio enables you to get out into the community in so many different ways through our online abilities, including having it heard and seen on multiple platforms at any given time, in order to take our program to another level by providing a quality station specific to a selected listening audience.

A news-based outlet that encompasses print journalism, live-stream podcasting services, as well as radio, television and social media integration; DMVDaily.news is revolutionizing the way people receive their information in the region. Armed with a set of cameras, microphones and a personalized backdrop, local citizen journalists and activists will now have the ability to report LIVE from one location and have it seen and heard on various streams and outlets to a wide array of listeners, truly becoming the voice of the voiceless by having a dedicated broadcast network that streams the audio, and video, of DMVDaily produced programs aimed at educating and empowering the DMV region. DMVDaily Media will be able to come into the living rooms, cars and speakers of anyone with a PC, laptop, smartphone or Alexa/Google device – enabling them to listen and watch the latest groundbreaking program produced by the company.


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