Deadline for property tax credit looming

Public Safety Officers Tax Credit information

While people may offer up various April Fools jokes this Monday, as the dreaded April 1st gotcha day approaches; what won’t be a joke is the deadline for individual homeowners looking to take advantage of the tax credits being afforded to them.

One such credit is the Public Safety Officers Tax Credit, afforded to Baltimore City police officers, sheriff deputies, firefighters and school employees who own their principle residence inside the city limits. The tax credit offers homeowners up to a $2,500 tax credit against real property tax liabilities for anyone serving in these fields.

Applications must be submitted by Monday, April 1st and must be renewed each year for those who may already receive the credits. Current applicants must also submit their Annual Eligibility Verification form by this Monday in order to continue receiving the tax credit.

For those looking to take advantage of this tax credit can apply online at:


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