DMVDaily adds new daily morning news segment

Earlier this week, the DMV’s leading news and information website,, launched its very own daily news briefing for those looking to catch some of the news and information from the day prior.

The #DMVDailyDose is a five to ten minute segment hosted by its founder Hassan #MrPolitics Giordano, that aims to inform listeners about some of the more interesting news articles released by area media outlets that people may have missed. Each early-morning segment begins with a Siri or Alexa device weather forecast for the Baltimore region, followed by a few news stories that Mr. Giordano lays out in his usual spirited manner.

“This is the first step in our attempt at bringing together a news outlet that allows our readers or listeners the opportunity to select from various news stories written by their favorite media outlet,” says Giordano. “I know that unfortunately avid readers such as myself may miss an article produced by one of the smaller, but senational news outlets such as the Baltimore Brew or Maryland Matters; or possibly cannot afford to pay for the firewall protected articles presented by the Baltimore Sun or Daily Record. So we are trying to bring about a user-friendly site that allows them to read or listen to any article of their choosing from these sites.”

Giordano says the goal is to increase traffic to these various sites, since readers of DMVDaily may have missed something he feels is of interest, and would like to get to a point where he produces a brief recap of the article along with a link to the news outlets website so that they can get the traffic they deserve. “I believe now in this new era of news reporting, with the goliath news publications no longer dominating the field of journalism, we really need a mainstream media outlet that premieres all the areas leading news outlets and their articles, featuring their magnificent journalists so that they gain an added level of readership that can help them sell advertisements or gain additional readers,” says Giordano.

“DMVDaily News was created for that very reason, to be a social media based news outlet that not only promotes our stories, but also helps our readers enjoy the news stories written by journalists from across the DMV, so they can stay up-to-date on all the news and information in the DMV.” He says he plans on trying to schedule a meeting with the heads of each of these news outlets to see if they can come to an understanding that helps us help them.

“Look, at the end of the day, I’m under no false illusion that they already receive way more readers than our little web-based outlet,” Giordano states. “However, if we can streamline the news for those who may not be as connected to certain news outlets as others, or who can’t afford the subscription fees of some of the larger outlets, than I see no problem in trying to make it easier for the reader to stumble across some of these electifying news articles being written by what I believe some of the best journalists in the business.”

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