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The 2020 Coronavirus Candidates of Choice

Over the course of the past twelve months, candidates have been crisscrossing the City of Baltimore in hopes of getting their name known to voters who they sought to impress in hopes of earning their vote in this upcoming Primary election.

What nobody could have ever imagined was that the Primaries would be pushed back more than a month, from its originally scheduled April 28th date, and that the last few months of the campaign season would be complicated by a stay-at-home order thanks to a global pandemic known as COVID-19 or the Coronavirus.

And while the lack of political preparation paralyzed many candidates, it only seemed to bolster others who took full advantage of their skill set of being a mental health therapist, a clinical physician or an overall public servant put in a position to be able to help people during this time of crisis. So while many candidates stayed in the house, hoping some last minute mailers and a few phone calls would get them successfully over the finish line, others scheduled food giveaways, offered mental health sessions and organized weekly livestream programs that kept their name and background in the public eye.

So while the pandemic shut down the usual campaign operations of many, it shined a spotlight on those who were prepared to convert their traditional campaign operations into a more virtually-based system of contacting voters. And it will likely be those candidates who are successful come June 2nd – or whenever we finally get the results of the Baltimore City Mayoral election.

So DMVDaily News has chosen our candidates for all three citywide seats, along with candidates for the five seats where the council representative is retiring or running for a citywide position and no longer running for their council seat. Today’s article will lay out the case for Mayor – while editorials for City Council President, Comptroller and the five council districts without incumbents will follow in the next two days.

This is based on our political knowledge and understanding of the candidates in the race, their campaigns as we see them and the ramifications of their policy proposals or campaign promises. You have the right to vote for whomever you so choose; this is just our insight and suggestion based on the historical and detailed information we have of each candidate.


This is a lot easier of a choice than many of the council district seats, given that during an global pandemic, where the City of Baltimore will be facing a deficit not seen since the 2008 collapse of the American housing market; as well as the consistently violent and out-of-control crime and homicides that have taken place in Baltimore over the past half a decade, which is still rising even during this crisis, there’s only one candidate who can walk into City Hall on Day One and begin to adequately address all of these issues.

Sheila Ann Dixon has a pulse on this city like no other candidate in this race. She has shed blood, sweat and a many of tears for the citizens of Baltimore, and will work harder than any of the candidates in this race to ensure that her administration is transparent and looked at as being reflective of the entire city population – black, white, brown and other. She knows how to do more with less because she has effectively led the City of Baltimore during the worst economic recession of our lifetime back in 2008, and still was able to reduce crime to historic lows, slashed police overtime by over $14 million, reduced the police overall budget by 4% while increasing the school’s budget, created a 10-year plan to end homelessness, created a free transportation system known as the City Circulator, tracked the most violent offenders and the guns they used in crimes through the Gun Trace Program and was able to secure federal and state resources to help us move Baltimore forward during a financial downturn.

Other candidates talk a good game, but while the current Mayor Bernard ‘Jack’ Young and current City Council President Brandon Scott tout these crime plans they have, people should question where those plans have been for the past five years when Young was City Council President and Scott was chair of the very committee tasked with effectively reducing crime, the Public Safety Committee. Why did it take you running for Mayor to release a plan you should have implemented or demanded be implemented years ago?

Scott talks about being a champion for reform measures that he touts today, but nobody questions why hasn’t he put them forward before he started running for Mayor. In fact, while he speaks about reforming the Board of Estimates or demanding that audits be done of city departments and agencies now that he’s running for Mayor and it sounds appealing, what he doesn’t tell you is that he actually voted AGAINST both measures just a few years back. So it appears he only believes in reform when it’s politically convenient.

Thiru Vignarajah clearly has no clue how city government is run, because half of his proposed ideas and policy proposals could never happen, and if implemented half of them would have city government bankrupt and looking more like Detroit before they turned things around. His “dream job” was State’s Attorney just two years ago, when he ran and lost miserably, and eighteen months later he was running around the city touting his new “dream job” being that of Mayor? It appears his true “dream job” is to run for positions that get him in front of news cameras and being able to see his name on billboards and commercials, because he clearly has absolutely no history of being on the ground and helping to uplift or change things in Baltimore before his 2018 run for State’s Attorney. Maybe that’s because he’s always been a resident of Columbia, which is in Howard County. He only seems to make his way to Baltimore when it’s time to run for a position – or when he’s trying to pick up female companionship either at a bar and hotel or on Greenmount Avenue.

But if that wasn’t enough, maybe this dossier on Thiru, put together by a group entitled: Baltimore Young Lawyers for Social Justice, may help shed some light on Who the Real Thiru Vignarajah truly is:

Baltimore Young Lawyers for Social Justice Report -Thiru Vignarajah Report

Mary Miller is the most interesting candidate in the race, given that she is an unknown entity in this city amongst activists and political advocates alike. In fact, it appears she didn’t exist before January 2020, when she jumped into the race for Mayor touting her experience in the “Obama administration” – something she will NEVER let black people forget. Her pandering to the black community with the word Obama in every other sentence is probably the most disingenuous and offensive thing she could have ever done this entire campaign season. And it doesn’t help that the PAC set up to tout her successes – and to clearly attack candidates such as Dixon, Scott and the Notorious VIG (Thiru) – appears to be blatantly doing what her campaign has been doing discretely this entire campaign, playing the race card.

Miller continues to play to the White L of voters that runs through Baltimore City while pandering to black voters based solely on working for President Obama – something that can be said by thousands of people who worked in that administration over the eight years he served as President. The PAC clearly was taking direction from those affiliated with her campaign, whether it was Miller herself or her senior campaign staff, that goes without saying. However, Miller didn’t have to do all that, as we believe her to be one of the best qualified candidates for Mayor in the race of those not named Sheila Dixon. She could have, or may sometime in the future, have a promising career in public office here in Baltimore, it just won’t be this year as Baltimore’s next Mayor.

Tomorrow’s editorial will lay out the case for City Council President and Comptroller, followed by Tuesday’s editorial making the case for the best


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