Former Governor Bush to introduce Hogan at inauguration

Is this a possible 2020 Presidential ticket

In 2015, it was the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, that first-term Governor Larry Hogan chose to support in a crowded Republican field of candidates running for President. Having just become only the second Republican to win the state’s highest office in the past fifty years, Hogan felt as if his center-right politics were more in line with his friend Christie than any of the other candidates, including Florida’s Governor, Jeb Bush.

But having recently become the first republican governor to win re-election since 1954, he may feel a greater sense of connection to Jeb now, who also achieved a remarkable feat by becoming only the third Republican elected to Florida’s highest office – and the first to be reelected in the Sunshine State.

That may be why Hogan, who is set to be sworn-in for his second term this Wednesday at noon, chose to be introduced by the former presidential candidate. Or it could be a precursor to a possible 2020 presidential ticket, Hogan/Bush or Bush/Hogan. Either way, the politically savvy ‘Free State’ Governor will have many political analysts speculating as to what’s next for the term-limited governor over the next few years; and all that chatter will start later this week.

Earlier today, Maryland’s 62nd Governor announced that Florida’s 43rd governor would be introducing him on Wednesday, during what is sure to be a phenomenal inauguration ceremony. A welcome message will be delivered by the former County Executive of Montgomery County, Isiah ‘Ike’ Leggett – who was the county’s first and only African American county executive. The invocation will be delivered by Reverend William E. Lori, the Archbishop of Baltimore, while the benediction will be given by my pastor, Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway Sr., Pastor of the historic Baltimore Baptist church, Union Baptist Church.

The Master of Ceremonies will be Thomas Riford, a longtime radio host in Western Maryland, while the Pledge of Allegiance will be led by the Governor’s oldest grandchild, six year old Daniella Velez. Maryland’s first Republican Lt. Governor ever to be reelected, Boyd Rutherford, will also be sworn-in, which will be carried out by his daughters Kristen and Lauren Rutherford.
But it will be the appearance of one of the Bush sons that will have people talking, and running to capture pictures with the former presidential candidate. As many insiders believe that Hogan will eventually run for President, whether it be during his second term as Governor in 2020, or after he leaves office in 2024; the appearance of a like-minded Bush could be forecasting what the future holds for these two nationally recognized and admired republican officials. Neither are fans of the current President, Donald Trump, and could be a formidable ticket if they chose to run for President and Vice-President – despite who led the ticket.

The Inauguration Ceremony will take place this Wednesday, January 16th at 12:30 p.m. on the Northwest lawn of the Maryland State House. The Inaugural Ball will take place later that evening beginning at 8:00 p.m. at the MGM National Harbor Casino, where tickets start at $150. The afternoon ceremony is free to the public, as is the reception that will follow, set to take place in the State House at 2:00 p.m.


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