Parents empower themselves in a fresh new podcast

Parent Power Hour Podcast Launched in Baltimore City

Parents, who have grown tired of the lingering frustrations that continue to grow due to the lack of communication between parents and school administrators, have come together under the umbrella of the Teachers Democracy Project, to form what is known as the Parent Power Hour Podcast.

A project born out the bi-weekly meetings these parents have begun attending as a part of an ongoing effort to educate parents while trying to form a better union between them and the teachers that educate their children; the weekly podcast has quickly become a hot topic amongst parents and school administrators. “This isn’t just a frustration-led project where parents team up to beat up on teachers and administrators,” said TDP organizer Tyrone Barnwell. “Instead, it’s a program that is led by parents, in hopes of them better communicating their frustrations while working together with our teachers, so they can eventually form an unbreakable bond that will last for years.”

And their latest podcast seemed to do just that, as parents William Richardson – host of the weekly podcast and a member of the Parent Power group – along with Kimberly Graham, joined forces with Barnwell and city schools teacher Wyatt Oroke to discuss various issues, primarily what can be done to form a stronger alliance between teachers and parents. Oroke, a teacher at City Springs Elementary in the heart of East Baltimore, talked about the various methods he takes as a teacher on trying to earn the trust of parents and his students, while also suggesting ways that parents can better communicate with teachers when issues arise.

“We are both play vital roles in the educational growth of these children, and an adversarial relationship doesn’t help anyone, but rather hurts the child more than anyone,” said Oroke, whose methods appear to be effective and seem to go above and beyond the call of duty. “When you come to the school, into the classroom, that is my house, so I try to make it a point to go to each and every one of my students homes, so now we are changing the power dynamics to allow for me to get a glimpse into your everyday life and how I can better foster that relationship with them and their parents.”

The podcast is produced by the DMVDaily Media Group, and sponsored by the Teachers Democracy Project, which is led by Mrs. Rebecca Yenawine. It appears weekly, currently on the DMVDailyNews Facebook page, but will begin airing live each week on the Parent Power Baltimore Facebook page at the beginning of the year, where it will start its regular schedule of airing each and every Monday, beginning at 5:00 p.m. This week, the podcast will air on Thursday, December 19th beginning at 6:15 p.m. with special guest, Councilman Zeke Cohen who will join the cast to discuss his latest legislation known as the Trauma Bill.


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