Podcast hosts pontificate on the politics of 2019

Federal snitch exposed by DMVDaily Radio Show co-host

Last night, the DMV’s most popular podcast trio known as Baltimore’s Black Three Musketeers took aim at the horrific politics of 2019 – and the political figures who ran afoul of the law and disgraced Maryland lawmakers.

Hosting the End of the Year DMVDaily live-streamed radio show and podcast, the trio were in rare form during the two and a half hour program, where they called out every crooked politician known to man and even possibly exposed a federal snitch who has been responsible for the downfall of several area lawmakers. In a heated exchange in which the show’s host Hassan Giordano, otherwise known as #MrPolitics, asked his colleagues “who was snitching” – as they discussed the recently unsealed federal charges of former Delegate Cheryl Glenn – he was met by a very direct answer from one of the show’s two co-hosts, Mark McLaurin.

“William ‘Billy’ Murphy,” the former union political director blurted out. He then questioned how the high-powered attorney and political powerbroker continued to stay above the legal fray while everyone around him continues to get indicted and convicted with the assistance of an unnamed federal informant. “It’s doesn’t take a rockey scientist to figure that one out,” McLaurin said. The show’s “legal eagle”, attorney Ivan Bates, Esq. stayed away from confirming whether or not Murphy was actually the federal snitch, as well as not confirming whether or not the former delegate, Mrs. Glenn, was snitching herself since her unsealed charges weren’t revealed to the public or made official until months after her July criminal charging.

“I would just say that if I had a client who was 68-years old, and had no criminal background, but was facing the kind of time she is due to the nature of the crimes she’s been charged with, I would suggest she do everything she can to assist federal prosecutors looking to make an example of her,” said Bates. But many observers are questioning how Glenn, whose charges were brought in July, was able to stave off being formally charged until now, not having to turn herself in until next year, and afforded the opportunity to resign from her political position ahead of the feds charging her with extortion and bribery.

“Yeah, she’s clearly snitching too,” says a fiery McLaurin. “She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her pathetic life in prison, so she’s willing to tell as much as she can to avoid prison time.” Glenn was only one of a hanful of lawmakers who were indicted by the feds in 2019, a list that included her House colleague Delegate Towanna Gaines from Prince George’s County, and her friend Catherine Pugh – the former Mayor of Baltimore City.

The no-nonsense and humorous trio of political insiders also took aim at the apparently crooked process that will help select Glenn’s successor, as they tried guessing which person from the 45th district was the most likely candidate to receive the support of the district’s state central committee. “The problem is, we have seven people selecting who the next state delegate of this district will be for the next three years, and more than half of those seven are applying for the job themselves,” McLaurin stated. “It’s going to be a shit show over there, with the first and second ballots – if we even get that far – being a 1 vote tie across the board, with each of the members voting for themselves.

The process of appointment was explained in the program, where the members of the central committee, each having one vote, will be able to vote for themselves – or anyone they deem worthy of the position. And while the central committee selection process is done on a balloting system that drops the lowest vote-getter from the contest after each round of voting; if the first ballot has four or five members with one vote each and nobody having less than that lone vote, than we will be at a stand still unless someone throws their support behind one of the other candidates. (That vote is scheduled for Monday, January 13th at 6:00 p.m. and DMVDailyNews will be live-streaming those proceedings.)

The crew also discussed the latest polling and standings of those running for Mayor, Council President, City Council and the top candidates for the vacant congressional seat in the 7th district. They also revealed the names of the candidates who polled the best that will appear at the MLK Day Congressional Candidates Debate on Monday, January 20th – which is hosted by DMVDailyNews and their ValueMyVote2020 series.

If you want to see who those folks are, and last night’s lively live-streamed program in its entirety, simply watch the show below. Trust me, it’s a show you don’t want to miss, and one folks will be talking about for some time!

Special shout-out to the show’s executive producer, Sean Stinnett, who holds it down and makes us look good!


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