Renowned defense attorney launches stellar legal podcast

Earlier today, nationally renowned defense attorney and former state’s attorney candidate in Baltimore City, Ivan Bates Esq. released his premiere episode of a bi-weekly podcast he plans to bring to the world entitled, Law and Disorder.

Bates, a co-host with the award-winning daily online talk show, the DMVDaily Show, has now taken his talents for knowing the ins and outs of state and federal law to the podcast community. Releasing his first episode entitled “From Cuffs to Barber Wire”, Bates his joined by his firms own success story, a man by the name of Corey Woodfolk – a former drug kingpin in Baltimore, known than as ‘Big Corey’, who gave back his time and turned his life around thanks in part to Bates hiring him at his law firm, Bates and Garcia.

Woodfolk, who is one of the most learned and detail oriented legal professionals you will ever encounter, joined Bates in this premiere podcast episode to discuss the difference between the federal and state side of the criminal justice system. While bail reform has been a huge issue in Maryland, and in states across the country, most people don’t know that while states differ in their individual bail policies, the federal side of the law does not allow for any bail system. And in this groundbreaking podcast, produced by DMVDaily Media Group’s producer Andy Pierre, Bates helps break down the difference between the two – while educating listeners on the real aspects of the legal system, not something glorified on television shows that aren’t typically accurate.

Bates says he’s already began recording Episode Two of the podcast series, where he and a former Baltimore City detective sit down one-on-one regarding the rights citizens have when encountering law enforcement. You can listen to the podcast here on Check out the premiere episode below!



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