The #ValueMyVote2020 candidate series is an in-depth look into each candidate vying for your vote in the upcoming 2020 Primary Elections here in the City of Baltimore.

Hassan Giordano, aka #MrPolitics, sits down one-on-one with each candidate and asks them the tough questions on why they are running, what qualifies them to be a viable candidate and gives them an opportunity to offer their vision and plans for their district.

Whether it be the Democrats running for Mayor, the Republicans running for City Council President, the Green Party candidate running for Comptroller or the Independent candidate seeking a seat on the Baltimore City Council; we offer up this opportunity to each and every candidate vying for your vote in the upcoming election, while covering each and every elected office. We will also offer up live-streamed debates for each district, and for all three citywide offices, so you can see how each candidate performs when challenged by their competitors.

You can watch each video in its entirety either on our VMV2020 Facebook Page, or on our YouTube page, simply by clicking on the link; and/or you can listen to each interview via iTunes, CastBox, TuneIn or Podbean or below.


Ray Conaway – 10th District City Council Candidate